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Eyeworks is a creative, independent television production company that develops, produces and distributes content in different genres including fiction and entertainment. Eyeworks was founded in The Netherlands in 2001 by Reinout Oerlemans. Currently, with operations in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand and Australia, Eyeworks operates a tight-knit web of local affiliates on four continents. In its 15 territories, Eyeworks produces television programs for over 100 different channels and employs more than 1,500 people. Internationally successful titles include: Test The Nation, CQC, Who Wants to Marry my Son?, Beat The Blondes, Reality Queens of the Jungle, I Know What You Did Last Friday, Obese (aka Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition), and their newest hit Celebrity Splash.

All genres
With its television shows and formats Eyeworks covers the entire range of genres, and within the genres its programs are as original and different from one another as they can be. This diversity enables the company to work for more than 100 broadcasters worldwide, both public and commercial channels, and its programs are watched in over fifty countries worldwide, making Eyeworks a household name in all major television markets.

Recent Highlights
Recent highlights are the international prime time hit format Celebrity Splash (within one year sold in more than 30 countries worldwide) and the Eyeworks developed American format Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition (a.k.a. Obese) for ABC. The success story for Celebrity Splash starts in The Netherlands in Autumn 2012. Celebrity Splash is the break out hit and the number one show on Saturdays on SBS6, with an average of 26% market share it is tripling the station average. This success continued the string of incredible premieres, including ITV (UK), where it was the highest scoring new series in five years. On Antena Tres (Spain), where it was the highest rated premiere on the channel in 12 years, on TF1 (France), where it received a 26.6% overall market share and 6.2 million viewers and on ABC (USA) where it’s premiere was best rated new show in two years across all channels.

This is an American network show where Eyeworks controls both the format and the finished programs. Within two years the show has been locally produced in nine Eyeworks territories. Finished program is licensed by Eyeworks International Distribution in 150 countries worldwide. Season 3 is broadcasted on ABC (USA) spring 2013.  









Film & TV Drama
Besides the company's strong international presence in the non scripted genres of entertainment, reality series and factual entertainment, Eyeworks extended (as of 2005) into the development and production of scripted content in recognition of the strategic importance of offering a full breadth of programming to TV buyers. Eyeworks produces scripted in 6 of its 16 affiliates. Some of the creative highlights are Stricken (Komt Een Vrouw Bij De Dokter), the directorial debut of Reinout Oerlemans. Other successful Dutch movies are The Happy Housewife, New Kids Turbo which realized more than 500.000 visitors in the German cinema's and Nova Zembla, the first Dutch movie in 3D. A few of Belgium's box office hits are Ben X, The Memory Of A Killer and Bullhead nominated in 2012 as one of the five titles for the Foreign-language Academy Award, the Oscar for Best Foreign Language film.Cops Maastricht, the spin-off of Cops in Belgium, has become the highest rated police series in The Netherlands and Belgium. In Belgium, drama series Old Belgium and Double Life got top ratings and won several awards. New drama series have. In Germany Eyeworks produces the best watched crime series, Wilsberg, for ZDF, and in Sweden the same is true for hugely popular police series Maria Wern, also time slot winner in Germany on ARD.


Creative network
To continue our growth and build on our successes creative synergy among our affiliates is vital. Eyeworks focuses on building and nurturing the creative network between the fifteen countries in the group. The world of Eyeworks can be categorized into four clusters: Western Europe (The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland), Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Norway), South America & Southern Europe (Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Portugal) and the English speaking world (New Zealand and Australia). Eyeworks facilitates creative exchange within and between these clusters. The success of our efforts can be seen as our affiliates increasingly adapt each other's formats. The company has been steadily working on this creative exchange between the affiliates for years. Eyeworks uses weekly reports via e-mail, video newsletters, regular bilateral meetings within the four geographical clusters, and at least three annual worldwide meetings with its top creative minds from the seventeen countries to facilitate this sharing of ideas. These activities have created a powerful creative network, which ensures short lines of communication between all Eyeworks' creative people at different levels.

Eyeworks, a highly creative, flexible and integrated family of affiliates with fifteen hundred people in sixteen countries on four continents, who work together to achieve ONE goal: To tell a unique story.